Derrick Smith gets trial date

11/28/2012 3:17 PM

By Ben Meyerson

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Derrick Smith speaks to reporters after being reelected to his 10th District seat in the Illinois House earlier this month.
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Derrick Smith, the indicted Near West Side state representative accused of taking a $7,000 bribe, won’t go to trial for a year.

Smith’s trial date in federal court is tentatively set for Oct. 21, 2013.

Though he was formally expelled from his 10th District seat in the Illinois House earlier this year, he won it back this month by defeating a candidate hand-picked by Democratic officials.

Since Smith was already expelled from the house once for allegedly taking a bribe, he cannot be kicked out again for the same offense. Thus, he’ll likely remain in the seat unless he’s convicted of taking the bribe. Now, that couldn’t happen for another year, at the earliest.

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By soloop from south loop
Posted: 11/30/2012 12:47 PM

The voters returned him to office despite your constant editorials. I wonder who was "low information" on that. You, or them? Or, maybe not enough voters read the CJ any more - which would partially explain the going out of business.

By back attcha from 10th district
Posted: 11/28/2012 5:47 PM

While I don't appreciate Smith, I do appreciate the 10th ward voters. For him to win back his seat is like giving the west side Democratic machine the one-finger salute. I'm sure he is probably guilty, but considering the alternative, Lance Tyson, who given who he has worked, for can't possibly be free from sin, Smith was the better bet. At least we know Smith will keep his nose clean until his trial. That can't be said for any other politician in this state.