Having our cake

although the guest of honor wasn't there to eat it

12/01/2012 11:40 AM

By Bonnie McGrath

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This year marks the end of a lot of things in the South Loop. The most notable and uncomfortable, perhaps, is the retirement of Roy Svenson, who heads up the Chicago Community Bank at Dearborn Station. Roy has been there for everyone for everything for years. From donations to neighborhood events like the Movie in the Park to wall space for art shows galore. He is every man to every one of us. His spirit IS the South Loop.

One of his claims to fame is his organizing several years ago the South Loop Referral Group-a collection of local entrepreneurs who meet every other Friday morning (really early) at the station to dish, gossip, talk and hear news all the members can use. Yesterday morning, one of the members, CPA Marlene Valero brought a lovely cake from a Swedish bakery for us all to munch on with our coffee. It was one of many "honorings" of Roy which I'm sure will take place this month.

Trouble was, poor Roy--for the first time any of us could remember--was sick and had to stay home.

But we took pictures that he will be able to see. Unfortunately, the cake was too filled with whipped cream to keep safely for the future. So we cut it and ate it.

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