Derrick Smith gets trial date


Derrick Smith, the indicted Near West Side state representative accused of taking a $7,000 bribe, won’t go to trial for a year.
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Art blowing in the wind

Hanging sculpture on Peoria Street


I wonder if Alexander Calder started this way
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The Liberian South Loop connection

Journalist Mae Azango visits DePaul University


A South Looper asked some of her local connections to host a Liberian journalist. And they are! Read More...

Type in the city

History on display


On a photo safari with West Loop graphic designer Lidia Varesco Racoma
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Black Friday gift ideas

Only in the West Loop!


Here are neighborhood businesses with unique holiday options
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A holiday toast . . .

To a new West Loop business!


West Madison welcomes a well-stocked wine shop
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Flash sale on West Madison

Great deals on duds


Deep discounts on clothes can be had in the West Loop at a new pop-up shop Read More...

State of the state of the South Loop state

and I don't mean State Street


There were a few hidden ironies at GSLA's State of the South Loop meeting on Saturday--from "Who's my REAL alderman" to a new "How a Bill Becomes a Law" star. Read More...

An upward spiral

Young artists display their work


UIC art program goes out with a bang after 18 years
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Have Mercy

I think it might just be the official hospital of the South Loop


When a friend ended up at Mercy Hospital recently, I was scared. But I think I was wrong; so far, so good. Is it the medical gem of the South Loop? Read More...