Chicago Public Schools seeking principal for new Crane

Community partnering with district to pick leader before making big decisions

06/05/2012 6:21 PM

By Ben Meyerson

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U.S. Rep Danny Davis, a student, and state Sen. Annazette Collins stand at a press conference in front of Crane High School at 2245 W. Jackson Blvd. on Feb. 10, rallying to keep the school open.
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Chicago Public Schools officials are moving forward with plans to replace Crane High School on the Near West Side with a health sciences-focused neighborhood school, but they’re looking for a principal first.

CPS has been meeting with a group of parents, teachers and community leaders called the Crane Coalition to work on a vision for the new school, which is scheduled to open in Crane’s current building in fall 2013.

But before moving forward too far, the group wants to find a principal who’ll help shape the new school, according to schools spokeswoman Jamila Johnson.

“Right now, their main focus is trying to find a capable school leader who can support and grow the school’s health sciences academic program,” Johnson said. “Once the principal is in place, more decisions regarding the direction of the school will be made. In laying the foundation for the new school, it’s important for the principal to be play a role in decision making.”

The current Crane school as it exists today is still slated to be phased out over the next four years, one class at a time. Talent Development, a charter school currently located on the city’s West Side, is still scheduled to move in next year, as well.

The Crane health sciences program was born earlier this year out of efforts to preserve a neighborhood high school on the Near West Side when CPS officials targeted Crane to be closed as a result of its consistently poor test scores. The idea to remake the school as a health-oriented program was publically announced just days before schools officials were set to vote on closing Crane.

The idea is to create a local school that takes advantage of the nearby Malcolm X College, which will be remade to take advantage of the Illinois Medical District. The new Crane local program is scheduled to have its first freshman class in fall 2013.

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By Southloopeducator from South Loop
Posted: 06/26/2012 3:42 PM

Be sure to keep every single principal wannabe from South Loop Elementary out of the mix. Tara Shelton in particular ruined the gifted program by allowing her people to ruin a good school. She allowed unqualified students into the gifted program based on parents clout or poorly equipped black students who had no clue what they were doing. She is an enabler not an educator

By moe
Posted: 06/08/2012 11:23 PM

Pushing the undesirables out of the city. Thank the LORD!!

By Tasha Lester from South Loop
Posted: 06/05/2012 11:22 PM

I would love to help out. Rahm could hire me :)