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One last goodbye

The Chicago Journal peeps want to say a right and proper farewell


It hasn't even been a week--but we miss you, readers--and want to have a final farewell Read More...

The Bedding Experts

dreams not exactly coming true


The Bedding Experts is not exactly who I had in mind for an across the street neighbor; am I a snob? Read More...

The Greenest Greens surface again in the South Loop

thanks to Alliance for a Greener South Loop


Year after year, Alliance for a Greener South Loop brings the greenest of the greens to the attention of South Loopers--and this year, they've done it again! Read More...

Holiday Salon

not your average Christmas carols


If you're looking for something different in the South Loop for holiday entertainment, this could be it Read More...

Honoring the past 125 years with one last thing

Glessner House hosts a dinner, a lecture and a rededication


Glessner House pulled out all the stops last night to say goodbye to 2012 and the festive 125th year anniversary of the famous abode Read More...

A holiday bazaar and Toys for Tots

a very good combination


A bazaar and a Toys for Tots drive in the South Loop.... Read More...


if it's not one it's another on the South Loop streets


There's construction everywhere on the streets of the South Loop....and some of it's more interesting than others. Read More...

Having our cake

although the guest of honor wasn't there to eat it


As the year comes to an end, so does the era of Roy Svenson, our friendly neighborhood banker Read More...

Toppers kept them coming Thursday

right on South State Street


I couldn't figure out why so many people were lined up in front of the new Toppers today on State Street. Were they giving pizzas away? Read More...

The Christmas tree lot blues on Printers Row

but maybe there's life beyond the season


When Bob's Xmas trees moved a few blocks to the east this season, talk of the future of that land on Printers Row began. And it was of something new and different Read More...

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