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The sunny side of the Roosevelt El stop

It's open after all this time


It's been a long time coming but the Orange/Green line stop at Roosevelt has a south entrance and exit now Read More...

Custom House Tavern lives on elsewhere

at least the gift certificates do


I suddenly realized I was out a $150 dinner from Custom House Tavern--which served its last dinner tonight--Halloween night. But I'm not. Read More...

For Rent

Alain's ain't coming back


Alain's got an eviction notice but that didn't mean they couldn't do what they were supposed to do and come back strong. But apparently that's not in the cards. Read More...

Five Guys South Loop sells

the picture....and did I mention it was done by my daughter


When my daughter's art studio decided to curate a show called "Here Comes the Neighborhood," Molly decided that Five Guys was representative of the South Loop. So she whipped up a small drawing and the rest is South Loop history.... Read More...

The Pontiac Building

after 18 years in the neighborhood, I finally got a chance to go in


I've lived in the South Loop for 18 years and I realized yesterday I'd never been inside one of the iconic architectural landmarks in the neighborhood: the Pontiac Building. All that changed, though, when the Friends of the Forest Preserves had a little party and I got invited Read More...

Open streets

but it's hard to get close for a good look


The streets around my house are opening up like sardine cans in order for ComEd to jazz up the electrical grid. But it's hard to get a look at what they're doing. Read More...

The Saints were out on Saturday

at Night Over Erzinga


I've seen a lot of Saints at plays over the years, two of whom are my close friends from the South Loop--and it sure felt like Old Home Week on Saturday afternoon at Silk Road Rising Read More...

Mayhem in the South Loop

brought to you by NBC via Chicago Fire


Out for a morning stroll this morning, I ran into two full blocks of trucks belonging to the new NBC show "Chicago Fire"--which premiered last night. And I'm grateful for a little excitement in the neighborhood, I must say. Read More...

Genius in the neighborhood

a MacArthur Foundation genius has connections to the South Loop


When the MacArthur genius grant fellows were announced recently, I was very pleased to find out that one had a nice South Loop connection; in fact, a few South Loop connections Read More...

A slice of the Marathon belongs totally to the South Loop

that last swath along MIchigan over to Roosevelt is ours and ours alone


This year for the first time I realized how much that last slice of the marathon totally belongs to us in the South Loop Read More...