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Another South Loop Opera Connection

and another chance to see me when I was blue


Jimmy Lopez is going to be a big, talked about "star" of the Lyric Opera in three years or so. Why not get in on the ground floor next Thursday at Grace Place and see now what all the fuss is going to be about then? Oh, and by the way, did I ever tell you I was blue at the Lyric? Read More...

The Strike part 2

another South Loop connection


It's another way that the South Loop's involved in the strike: neutral ground for negotiations Read More...

The Strike at Roosevelt and State

I feel like Norma Rae


Living at one of the busiest corners in Chicago, a quarter block from a Chicago public school that's "open" can have its perks; when you get up in the morning, the sounds of a strike get your blood flowing and make you feel like Norma Rae Read More...

Movie man Steve Reginald returns

he will be our movie maven once again


When South Looper Steve Reginald, one of my favorite people, left us old movie lovers in the neighborhood bereft of his movie knowledge, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Well, guess what? He's back with a rousing round of Chicago-themed films to be shown right in the heart of the 'hood. Read More...

Iannelli on my mind

and in my neighborhood


On a recent history tour of Northerly Island, I realized there's no reason to be jealous of Park Ridge; we have quite a South Loop Iannelli presence in our midst. Read More...

The winning sangria redux

at the Bash, I got to see the best of the best sangria in action


A few years ago, there was a particular sangria recipe that won a South Loop sangria contest; and I finally got to see it savored by the masses over the weekend at Bash on Wabash. In fact, I was serving it to the masses myself. Read More...

Joy at Spertus

add a little vibrancy and exhilaration to boot


When Spertus got mad at me for writing a recent blog post called "Sadness at Spertus," they invited me over to hear the other side of the story. And I went. Read More...

Aircraft visitation on Saturday evening

figuring out the whys and wherefores was a bit difficult but it was fun


When a mysterious plane flew over our homeowners association alley party Saturday over and over and over, the debate was on: why? And what? Read More...

The house at 1246

sweet and sentimental connections driven by a house on South State Street


Every once in a while, a house becomes known for housing magical moments. A house on South State Street fits that bill Read More...

South Loop Opera Connection

Don Giovanni at the Chicago Temple


I love a good opera connection--ever since I was a supernumerary in Aida this past winter at Lyric Opera. And I really love a good South Loop opera connection Read More...