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Raw Food

Bill Motchan's cousin comes to the South Loop just in the nick of time


In the South Loop, when your microwave's on the blink and the stove is passť, it's time to buy this book: Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People Read More...

Another tree down

chopped down after an old injury


The trees growing at the north end of my alley have meaning--they've been in the South Loop as long as I have. So when one has to come down for whatever reason, it's traumatic Read More...


I wanna tell Jan and Rich not to go there


I don't like it when South Loopers leave the South Loop; and I really don't like Jan and Rich leaving for Brooklyn Read More...

Namaste on Indiana Avenue

my yoga teacher told Steets and San to scram and they did


When streets and san threatened to overpower our yoga class for the third Friday morning in a row, my yoga teacher went out on Indiana Avenue and talked tough--and it worked Read More...

Sadness at Spertus

if you go there now, you're on your own


Stopped in at Spertus to see if the rumors of the demise of its famed South Loop museum were true. They're true Read More...

Emotional involvement with Dearborn Village

haven't had a feeling like this for 15 years


The last time I couldn't stop thinking about Dearborn Village at 18th and State was in the late 1990s--when the townhomes were selling fast Read More...

Pilsen gardeners go into year three complete with their own garden tour transportation

and the third is apt to be the best one yet


It's time for the Pilsen Garden Walk again; better known as Paseo de Jardines--and this year you can tour the gardens on a bus Read More...

Rest in Peace Paul Thomas McGrath

why the administration of former Mayor Jane M. Byrne will live at Roosevelt and State forever


There's a lot to say about losing an ex, when you've shared a child, a home, a life, 32 years--and, last but not least, the end of the Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne Administration--which, by the way, will live forever right here at Roosevelt and State

Read More...

Goodbye to Bacon

Judy Bacon is retiring from the South Loop


It's always sad when a neighborhood stalwart becomes a former neighborhood stalwart, and Judy Bacon, development director of East-West University is becoming just that.... Read More...

Bikes that go nowhere

locked in the strangest places


What happens when strange bikes start getting locked up outside your house for no apparent rhyme or reason? Can a nervous breakdown be far behind? Read More...