The gap between us

New Steppenwolf play tackles the nation’s economic divide


Perfectly directed by K. Todd Freeman from a masterful script by David Lindsay-Abaire, Good People looks at lives on both ends of the economic spectrum: in South Boston’s impoverished Lower End and the affluent suburb of Chestnut Hill, Mass.
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Horror on display

Exhibit gives movies’ terrors physical presence


The Last Catholic, a collection on display at Ebersmoore Gallery, finds artist Michael Rea mining memories of William Peter Blatty’s novel The Exorcist, William Friedkin’s subsequent 1973 film adaptation of the book and his own Catholic upbringing. The source material is dark, grim, and rigid, but Rea’s work is the exact opposite — which makes it all the more unsettling.
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Rescues of the week: Azurie


Azurie is a stunningly beautiful Cattle Dog mix with lots of love to give! At about 10-months-old and 40 pounds, Azurie is ready to make an energetic addition to a dog-loving household.
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Rescues of the week: Merlina


Merlina is a petite, 1-year-old, short-haired, black kitty. This curious girl is active and loves to play. She would make a great companion and hopes to find a loving new home soon. Could it be yours?
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Fun in a box

New Chicago Children’s Museum exhibit unleashes kids’ imaginations


If you’ve ever given your child a gift — only to discover that the cardboard box it arrived in demanded more of their attention than the actual present — then you’ll understand the allure behind the new exhibit, “Unboxed: Adventures in Cardboard” at the Chicago Children’s Museum.
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The terror downstairs

Gallery installation aims to give horror-film caliber goosebumps


The Mission Gallery on Chicago Avenue in West Town has an easy vibe. It’s a tight, but airy space with high ceilings. Half-walls break the room. The current exhibition on display, GUILTY!, is a collection of large, digitally manipulated, mug shot-like photos by Argentine artist Marcelo Grosman, each rendered in bright neon colors. The day-glow negates the mysterious, menacing impact intended by the artist, but it does add to the gallery’s light ambiance.
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Memorial for a Chicago legend to rock the Bottom Lounge

Industrial pays tribute


Jamie Duffy was an integral part of the industrial explosion. He wore many hats, providing technical support and engineering on albums by Ministry, Sister Machine Gun, Chris Connelly, Sister Soleil, and more; working as a stage manager and sound man par excellence at the House of Blues, Cubby Bear, and the Metro; and playing guitar in the coldwave/metal act Acumen Nation and more. Duffy's impact on the Chicago music scene ran deep. He was a legend and a fixture. His unexpected death on June 21 of this year rocked the city.
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Chicago's Sideshow Theatre presents a spin on the classics

Greek tragedy downtown


Idomeneus, a play being staged by Sideshow Theatre Company at the DCA Theater downtown, is an elaboration on this later portion of the Cretan’s life. Penned by German playwright Roland Schimmelpfennig, translated into English by David Tushingham, and directed by Jonathan L. Green, it is an interesting amalgamation of styles.
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Square One offers great ambiance, attentive customer service in Chicago's South Loop

Wine bar 101


The South Loop's Square One only opened at the beginning of August, but it didn't take long to gather a sizable following. On regular evenings, this South Loop bar is packed. But even during a Cubs game, Square One still attracted decent crowds. The indoor dining areas were full, and there were plenty of customers on the tables outside, enjoying the sunny weather.
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Englewood on film

New film explores life in the South Side


The South Side neighborhood of Englewood made headlines again the weekend of Aug. 11 and 12 when gunshots rang out, wounding six men in three separate incidents. The victims were all in their 20s and 30s. The news is shocking, but not surprising.
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