Back to the beach

North Avenue Beach makes its big-screen debut


Memorial Day weekend is a page-turner for Chicago. The city begins to come alive as cold, dark grays shift to warm, bright blues and folks shake off the hibernation funk for fair-weather fun. Read More...

Chinese memoirs


On Sat., May 16, Jian Ping will discuss her book, Mulberry Child, along with issues facing contemporary China. As the daughter of a high-ranking official during the Cultural Revolution, Jian Ping’s memoir offers westerners a truly fascinating glimpse into China during Mao Tse-tung’s regime. Read More...

The line forms to the left!

Recession-minded Wicker Park eatery offers dinner and a movie


Banks, stock markets and financial institutions are keplunk. Jobs are disappearing. Wallets are bare. Past extravagances are mere memories as masses hunker down, tighten belts and confront the beast named Recession. The shift is guaranteed to test the spirits of both the financially secure and the cash-strapped. Read More...

Book discussion


Witold Rybczynski award-winning architecture critic and author of Home and A Clearing in the Distance, will discuss and sign his new book, My Two Polish Grandfathers: And Other Essays on the Imaginative Life. Read more...

Facing the movement

Mixing the official and unofficial campaign imagery


Art review
One month ago, “Officially Unofficial,” the exhibition of mostly posters of President Obama’s face, opened at the city’s Department of Cultural Affairs special project space on Randolph Street. The works in the exhibition traverse a wide variety of aesthetic strategies to depict Obama and his promise as an agent of change. Some of the artists are well known while others are relative amateurs. Some of the more famous works include the now iconic Shepard Fairy “Hope” graphic, presented next to a revised version of pop artist Robert Indiana’s famous “LOVE” sculpture, altered into a simple “HOPE” text piece. Read More...