Photos: Santigold and Wale in the West Loop


Santigold and Wale performed Thursday night at Uncapped, a free concert hosted at the warehouse behind Carmichael's Steak House in the West Loop.
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Chicago laughs it up

Comedy fest takes over the city


Chicago is a funny place. No, really. The city’s history as a comedy incubator runs deep. From Jack Benny and Bob Newhart, to John Belushi and Bill Murray, to Bernie Mac and Tina Fey, the world’s funniest individuals have emerged from the Chicago comedy scene. Though many leave to find fame on the coasts, Chicago remains a mecca with The Second City, Improv Olympics, Zanies and a mad mass of other clubs and spaces devoted both to celebrating comedy and to fostering up-and-coming talent.
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Mammals get extreme


What stands 15 feet tall, weighs 20 tons and lived about 25 million years ago? If you guessed Indricotherium, you would be right. And if you thought, “huh?”, maybe it’s time to head over to the Field Museum to meet Indricotherium and some of the other amazing mammals that have walked — or flown or swam — on earth.
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Lichtenstein popped out

New exhibit looks at full span of iconic modern artist's career


You can find Claude Monet’s famous “Haystacks” paintings in the impressionist wing of the Art Institute of Chicago. The timeless series seems to show up in whatever art museum I visit, no matter what city I’m in. They’re instantly recognizable as classic Monets. But the iconic haystacks get a pop twist in the new Roy Lichtenstein exhibit, where they hang beside Lichtenstein’s takes on Mondrain and Picasso.
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The whole world should watch

Musical brings new perspective to 1968's Democratic convention


Chicago fights the power. From the city’s first recorded instance of large-scale civil unrest, the often-overlooked Lager Beer Riot of 1855, up through the protests that accompanied the NATO summit just this past weekend, Chicago has a long history as a seat of social, economic and political demonstration and unrest.
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West Loop students make a scene

Skinner West students gear up for Redmoon's Youth Spectacle 2012


Most second graders can’t spell commitment, much less discuss it. Not so for Ashley Howlett’s Skinner West Class. “My commitment is to treat others how I want to be treated,” said Kaila Williams. “If you, like, commit to things it can, like, help you with your life.” Well, still not bad from an 8-year-old.
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Mountain life

Photo exhibit busts Appalachian stereotypes


Kentuckians get a bad rap. People who call the Bluegrass State home are the object of extreme stereotypes. They’re hicks and hillbillies. Inbred mountain folks drunk on moonshine. Dirt-poor, dumb rednecks shacked up in double-wide trailers buried deep in Appalachian hollers.
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Food truck blasts off

Tamale Spaceship makes Bayless-caliber Mexican easy to grab and go


Amidst the bustle of gray-suited men and women in trench coats rounding Monroe at Dearborn last Friday noon, it was hard to miss the woman in the sparkly blue wig. Especially since she was flanked by men clad in Lucha Libre masks.
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Talking 'bout a revolution

Bikes in focus at new Nature Museum exhibit


Chicago is a bicyclist’s dream. Geographically, the city is perfect. The area’s naturally flat expanse is home to hundreds of miles of pavement, creating a track that seems to have been made specifically for pedal-powered transportation. Eighteen miles of pathway lining the lakefront from Hollywood Avenue on the north side to 71st Street on the south adds to the cycle splendor.
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P-p-p-poker face

Siskel Center goes all in with new poker film


The game of poker has changed significantly throughout its history. Once practiced by outcasts and outlaws, it now sits alongside baseball and football as a great American pastime generating billions of dollars in revenue. And like those sports, poker’s past is a turbulent one filled with colorful characters.
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