Connecting communities - and community groups, maybe

02/08/2012 10:00 PM


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Last week, we ran a story about former University Village Association Executive Director Dennis O’Neill and his new community group, Connecting4Communities.

O’Neill was fired from the University Village Association last fall, and was highly critical of D’Angelo and the UVA during our interview with him.

Though we called UVA founder Oscar D’Angelo for comment, our schedules conflicted and we couldn’t get in touch with him in time for our story.

However, after we put the paper to bed last week, D’Angelo faxed us over a copy of a letter that he had sent to O’Neill. In it, he congratulated the UVA’s former head and wished him well in his new venture — but managed to sneak in a jab or two.

Here’s the meat of it:

“When you and UVA ‘parted ways,’ you advised that you would form your own community organization. I told you then, and I repeat herein, ‘good luck.’ It can only benefit our communities (Little Italy, Tri-Taylor, Roosevelt Square and University Village and Commons) to address the common interested and goals,” the letter said. “University Village Association now will — in all likelihood — have an ally in our 30-year campaign to improve all aspects of our community. We surely can work together whenever our interests and those of the community are aligned.

“I will offer you one item of friendly advice, try to work with your board — it will make you much more effective.”

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