South Loop bank robbed

08/15/2012 10:00 PM

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The Chase Bank at 1130 S. Canal St. was robbed of approximately $3,300 Friday, Aug. 10, by a man who walked in at 12:30 p.m. Aug. 10 and handed a teller an envelope with a threatening letter inside.

Police said the man had been observed by an employee entering the bank and going to the bank counter to fill out a deposit slip. The employee had watched the man take an envelope out of his pocket and told police he thought that maybe the bank was going to be robbed.

The man, described as between 20 and 30 years old and 130 to 140 pounds, went to the teller window and reached into his coat pocket and handed the teller an envelope containing a letter written in black marker that said he was having hard times and he needed her to do as he had written because “he didn’t want to hurt anyone,” and to give him all her $100 and $50 bills and when finished, give him back the letter and envelope.

He then walked out of the bank and fled southbound down Canal Street. The teller told police she tried to keep the letter and envelope but before leaving the suspect told her to hand them over. The suspect was also described as wearing an oversized older black suit with a white dress shirt and black tie, red gym shoes and sunglasses, with a “Rastafarian-type” hat with a button on the front and his hairstyle concealed by a blue bandana.

Armed robbers booked

Police charged two men with armed robbery Thursday Aug. 9 after they allegedly robbed a Chinese couple at gunpoint at 31st and State Streets.

Police said they were questioning the two men at 9:40 p.m. Aug. 9 as they came out of the Dearborn Homes. While they were conducting what they called a field interview, a man and a woman approached the officers and said they had just been robbed by the two men on 31st Street.

Police then searched the two men and recovered an iPhone, school ID, credit card, $58 and five different Chinese bills, all belonging to the couple that had been robbed. They also recovered a BB gun which they found on the ground next to the suspects.

Charged with armed robbery were Issac Manning, 20, and Quantace Lewis, 18.

Boozed-up parents at beach

Police charged a man with child endangerment Wednesday, Aug. 8 after police said they found the man and his wife highly intoxicated at the 12th Street Beach with their baby son in a stroller.

Police responding to a report of a disturbance at 4:40 p.m. Aug. 8 found the two parents sitting on a bench with their child in a stroller.

Police said the 32-year-old man was holding a half-empty bottle of vodka. Police said the 29-year-old-mother was “highly intoxicated, and was taken to Stroger Hospital to detox.” Police said both parents were “visibly intoxicated and incapable of taking care of a child.”

The child was put in protective custody and the man was charged with endangering the life of a child.

This summary contains information taken from the arrest records from the 1st District of the Chicago Police Department. Anyone named has only been charged with a crime. The cases have not yet been adjudicated.

—Compiled by Mike Ulreich

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