Goodbye, friends


So, we’ve reached the end of the road. After slightly more than 12 years in print, this is Chicago Journal’s final issue.
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A columnist's farewell


Unfortunately, this is going to be my last column for the Chicago Journal. After 12 great years serving this neighborhood, the Journal packs it in today. It’s the end.
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Meatball dreams in the West Loop


A cornucopia of West Loop restaurants vie for the attention and affection of hungry hipsters and tourists. The stakes are high and competition is fierce among the nearly 120 bars, bistros, cafes listed in 2012’s “Discover the West Loop” brochure.
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The local shopping blues


By the time you read this, it will no longer be a secret as to what retail is going to move into the newly renovated Roosevelt Collection on Roosevelt just west of Clark and Target.
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Wave of democracy changes nation - or not


Election 2012 brought both change and continuity.
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Small businesses working together in West Loop


Economists will tell you the companies responsible for employment growth won’t be big corporations. They’ll be start-ups — small businesspeople with good ideas. Alas, nothing is quite as hard as building a new business from scratch. Interestingly, the West Loop is fertile ground for new businesses. Two are actually geared toward helping other small businesses succeed: Ox&Pen and Innovation Factory.
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The new era of column tapas


There comes a time in the life of all columnists when the deadline approaches and well, there’s nothing to write about. All the big news in the area is not so big — or it’s already been written about pithily and with a strong point of view by me or someone else.
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Youth vote will swing 2012 election


The 2012 elections will be decided by white males, women, Latinos and the elderly. But, most importantly, it will be decided by young voters. Read more...

Grow local, South Loopers


My dear suburban friends (yes, I do have a few) Charlotte Adelman and Bernie Schwartz — retired Wilmette lawyers who have become prairie enthusiasts, supporters and experts on plants that are native to the Midwest — have written a popular new book called The Midwest Native Garden. The premise of this book is to encourage readers to never ever, ever, ever, ever plant anything in a Midwest garden that wasn’t here in the Midwest before we were.
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A new year dawns in strike's wake


This last week provided a powerful example of the right to assemble and redress grievances. While the teacher’s strike created problems of what to do with our kids who were not in school and while it disrupted traffic and everyday routines, it also aired important questions about the conditions of our schools and what should be done.
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