Rebranding the South Loop


The neighborhood meeting full of announcements a few Saturday mornings ago was moving along just like Greater South Loop Association meetings generally do: news about a new grocery story definitely coming to 16th and Clark; reports from the 2nd and 3rd ward aldermen on topics such as how the infrastructure is improving, new plans for rebuilding parts of Grant Park, a new building being built for East-West University unveiled.
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A tutorial from Chicago's school chief

From the publisher


He talks about the great principal and the failing principal. And test scores don't come up. No mention of data or technology. Rather, Jean-Claude Brizard, the CEO of the Chicago Public Schools, describes walking into two Chicago elementary schools, neither in the affluent neighborhoods of the city, and knowing almost instantly that one principal was a high flyer, the other rudderless.
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Engaging Chicago's political youth


With the Occupy Chicago movement so visible, understanding what young voters want is pressing. What are their issues and their agenda for change? And will they vote and determine the outcome of the 2012 elections?
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Neighborhoods preened for Emanuel


Various community and interest groups are preening for our new mayor and his administration, flashing shiny new objects, hosting ribbon cuttings and the like to draw attention to their part of the city.
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Field Museum's thrones crowned


What in the South Loop has garnered such hype and praise and acclaim? The ground-floor bathrooms at the Field Museum. They just won the 10th Annual Americaís Best Restroom Contest, sponsored by Cintas Corp. (a maker of bathroom supplies).
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Blackhawks land back in West Loop


Autumn is fully upon us, and Chicago Blackhawks hockey is back on the West Side. After nearly five months, it is time for us fans to reap the fruits of the teamís offseason labor.
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Where's the South Loop art scene?


Here's a question I'd like to ask about the art scene in the South Loop: How come there isn't an art scene in the South Loop? Great galleries come and go in the neighborhood, although many have been here for decades. Columbia College has several hot galleries showcasing up-and-coming (and other) artists interspersed through our main streets. Some of our small restaurant outposts have even hung and hosted art.
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Chicago's economic future


We live in a time of challenge and change. During the last several decades we have been transformed into a "global city" while at the same time population, jobs, and housing stock have declined. We are currently enduring a recession of job losses and government cutbacks.
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Selling your condo? Make a deal


If you have a residential property on the market, your realtor might be calling to request a meeting. The Labor Day holiday marks the beginning of another season for the real estate market and another opportunity to seal a deal. According to Front Door, Home & Garden Televisionís real estate website on steroids, there are two peak seasons for real estate.
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The great wall of Dearborn Park


I remember the first time I ever read those words. "There must be a clear demarcation between what is public space and what is private space. Public and private spaces cannot ooze into each other as they do typically in suburban settings or in projects."

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