An honest (state) rep

08/29/2012 10:00 PM


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Donít look now, but it looks like Democratic committeemen have finally made a choice that doesnít stink.

Last Friday, they picked a replacement to fill Derrick Smithís Illinois House seat for the next few months, and lo and behold, they nominated an honest guy: Eddie Winters, a Chicago cop, Near West Side neighborhood leader and one of the nicest guys weíve met.

Winters isnít doing much but keeping the seat warm until Smith or Lance Tyson takes it over next January, but it looks like heís finally getting a reward for his time spent working in the trenches. Heís run for the 10th District seat twice before, both times losing to Annazette Collins.

We donít know much about how Winters will vote in Springfield ó thatís the unfortunate side effect of a closed process with little public vetting. However, weíve seen him in action leading events as head of the Homeowners of Westtown United, the main Near West Side resident group. Heís soft-spoken but authoritative.

Still, itís another chapter in whatís been a mess. How nice would it be to have a wide-open primary for this seat, filled with well-qualified candidates? Weíre growing tired of the slate of politicians hand-picked by other politicians. Did you see our handy guide on page 3?

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