Get it together, guys


What is there to say about Peteís Fresh Market at this point? The project has been marred with so many curveballs, delays and unfortunate incidents at this point that we wouldnít be surprised if a satellite fell out of the sky and crashed smack dab in the middle of Madison and Western.
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The strike: Our take


Public education in Chicago is shut down right now, and itís a tragedy. No one wants to see kids kept out of schools and away from learning opportunities: Not parents, not teachers, not administrators and not (most) kids.
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Newman, NIMBYs need to talk


The case of the Newman Center's proposed dorm and student life center near the University of Illinois at Chicago is a curious one that we've been tracking for a while. It's certainly not something that the projectís neighbors like much at all.
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An honest (state) rep


Don't look now, but it looks like Democratic committeemen have finally made a choice that doesn't stink.
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School suit leaves questions


Our story about a sexual abuse case at Ogden International School leaves a lot of questions about New Eastside's neighborhood school.
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Derrick Smith speaks ... the truth?


We're happy to see state Rep. Derrick Smith finally kicked out of office. It's hard to see any kind of way he could reasonably get out of the mess he's in right now, and neither he nor his attorneys have attempted to say whether he did or did not accept a $7,000 bribe.
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Roosevelt rentals right


Weíre happy to see that long-stalled Roosevelt Square is moving forward again. If thereís anything worse than a public housing project in bad shape, itís vacant lots surrounding a public housing project in bad shape.
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Watching the 12th District


It's almost time for heaven and earth to move on the Near West Side, West Loop and West Town, and for the 12th and 13th district police stations to merge.
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Future bright for hall of fame


Weíve been worried about the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame for a while. The Little Italy landmark has been in trouble with its bank for some time now, and the prospect of it being shut down was saddening. But with powerful backers like sports mogul Jerry Colangelo ó the man whom the museumís building is named after ó it didnít succumb to foreclosure and successfully emerged from bankruptcy.
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Thanks, officers


Itís hard work being a police officer in the city of Chicago. Crime is up and the number of cops is down. This year is shaping up to be particularly brutal in terms of the number of killings around the city. The men and women of the 1st District police station, at 18th and State in the South Loop, are up to their ears dealing with trouble downtown, protecting our cityís economic engine. And as the temperature goes up, the trouble does too.
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