Cancer survivors lose out in remap

02/01/2012 10:00 PM

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Every single member of every minority group in this city has been playing the race card for years. Sometimes it is played effectively, other times not. The race card was played again in the remap process.

Both the African-American and Latino caucuses played it for their own end. They were both wrong and they both made out. One particular minority did not make out and did not play the card they could have. I know that because I am also a member of that minority, a cancer survivor. A minority fully protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

An attempt was made by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his troops, the mapmakers, to drive Ald. Bob Fioretti, a fellow brave cancer survivor, out of existence.

If an African-American or Latino alderman was treated like Fioretti there would be such an overwhelming outcry by the media it would be heard throughout the city. He did not whine and play the cancer card. He just took it.

When he went to the council, the Emanuel henchmen played a parliamentary game so that the people would not have public meetings nor input. The mayor who speaks of transparency and a new day in Chicago had two old guard Daley machine democrats do the map: his floor leader, Ald. Pat O’Connor and Ald. Dick Mell.

The purpose of the map was to wipe out any opposition to Emanuel’s vision of what Chicago should be as he prepares for his next office. He does not want input. His administration is not transparent. He was elected and won by the methods and practices of the old Daley machine and will continue to run the city in an autocratic fashion devoid of democratic principles.

Remember one thing from history, Mayor Emanuel: You have awoken a sleeping giant. You have stuck the pointed stick of arrogance into the eye of the people. And they will not let you forget it. And I can tell you from experience, once you beat cancer, beating injustice and this type of petty political gamesmanship is a walk in the park. Get ready. The games are about to begin.

Ken Gaines
West Loop

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By WestLooper from West Loop
Posted: 02/05/2012 10:23 PM

HCR forces everyone to buy health insurance -- that's the mandate, just like you have to buy insurance for your car. It's the same concept Mitt Romney implemented in Massachusetts. And like it or not, HCR passed the Congress and was signed into law by the President.

By Hope and Change for whom? from Taxpaying Chicago
Posted: 02/05/2012 5:10 PM

WLooper, this was not passed by vote, Obama used "reconciliation" to go around a real vote. What part of this was Health Care Reform? It's health insurance redistribution so that taxpayers already working their but off & and paying high taxes have to now pay for health insurance plans, including abortions, for those that don't want to work or take care of their kids the way they should. The same people who's kids pollute public schools, forcing taxpayers to send their kids to private school.

By WestLooper from West Loop
Posted: 02/05/2012 12:34 PM

Healthcare reform was passed by Congress -- 220 votes in the House, 56 votes in the Senate. It culminated a legislative push Obama promised in the presidential election, which he won handily. You may not like it, but healthcare reform was democracy in action.

By What did you expect? from Surrounded by Dumb Democrat Voters
Posted: 02/04/2012 11:27 PM

This is surprising to some? Is Emanuel's methods any different than what is going in White House with the various appointments, executive orders, and bypassing elected representatives on issues like ramming a health-care insurance coverage bill, and war in Lybia? Here are your free handouts, now vote D.