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09/01/2010 10:00 PM

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I know about Smyth. Smyth is a low performing school and always have been. Smyth was the lowest performing school when Ris, Jefferson, Medill, and Gladstone was open.

The Board closed all these schools in the neighborhood and kept Smyth. In my opinion, Smyth should have been closed too.

I talked to Leslie Recht in 2008 when I found out that Gladstone was closing. I asked could Gladstone move into Jefferson. The Board said no. This community needs a community school.

Our children donít have a good community school. If they donít get into the magnet schools they have to go to Smyth. Most of the children in the community go to schools outside the community.

I live right across the street from Jefferson. Where I live in Circle Park we have over 300 kids that live in the complex.

If you open back up Jefferson, Circle Park children should be your first choice. Have a neighborhood component in the new Jefferson.

Sandra Green
Circle Park Apartments

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