Daley is green

11/03/2010 10:00 PM

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Mayor Daley has done much to create a green Chicago. Millennium Park, a cultural gem, was built over unsightly rail tracks. Our lakefront is gorgeous. We have green rooftops and flowers everywhere.

Thus it is ironic, as well as disgraceful, that on our near South Side, a densely populated area, we have two antiquated coal plants, Fisk at 1111 W. Cermak, and Crawford at 35th and Pulaski, which spew large amounts of particulates and CO2 into our air.

The particulates cause high rates of asthma and other respiratory ills, which sometimes result in death. The CO2 emissions contribute to global warming.

Alderman Joe Moore has introduced an ordinance in the City Council that would require Fisk and Crawford to reduce their emissions.

Every Chicagoan should urge his or her alderman to pass this ordinance. Then Chicago could truly be a green city.

Patricia Rosentha

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