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12/14/2011 10:00 PM

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In the Dec. 7 article “Fight for Crane begins” by Ben Meyerson, CPS’ Chief Education Officer Noemi Donoso stated: “The overall culture and climate is something we look at all of these schools, and unfortunately, I think the data shows that there are very low expectations for students at Crane…”

What data shows that teachers have low expectations for their students? At a recent meeting, Oliver Sicat, CPS Chief Portfolio Officer answered the question by saying, “When you walk into different schools, you can sense it right away.” There are huge underlying prejudices in that statement.

As the editorial following this article rightfully notes, charters and magnet schools have selective enrollment and so many students across the city still need neighborhood schools that will take them regardless of test scores. I would add: will take students regardless of their parental involvement, their transportation constraints, and their ability and willingness to conform to militaristic and draconian behavior policies.

How will Crane students benefit from being moved out of their community into receiving schools not doing any better than Crane?

Does CPS really care about the welfare of the students?

Why do the students at Talent Development Charter get to attend school in the Crane building, but the Crane students have to be sent all over the place?

As taxpayers and residents in this city, we need to critically analyze what the “new” CPS administration is doing in the name of our children. This is modern-day urban renewal, which was commonly called “negro removal” because Black residents were pushed out of their Chicago neighborhoods to make way for “redevelopment.”

CPS is redeveloping our schools to lure in a new clientele. This is happening all over the country as city managers try to figure out how to bring people back from the suburbs. This is NOT about what’s best for our children. Adequate resources and support for our struggling schools is what we need, not closures and turnarounds.

Sarah Hainds
Lincoln Square Parent

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By Claudeah from United Center
Posted: 12/19/2011 12:23 PM

Sarah, Crane is a problem. Approxiamately 90% (if not higher) of the assult charges that happen in the neighborhood (stats provided at the CAPS meeting) happen at Crane before, during and after school. There are good kids and good parents involved with Crane, but only because it is their only option. More parental or family involvement needs to happen. Parents and CPS cannot continue to blame the teachers.

By just me
Posted: 12/16/2011 10:24 PM

I agree with your views Sarah however, I think discipline, behavior and lack of family values are the real problems. I'm Black so i'll just be frank. Crane is not a good school and I wouldn't dare send any child that I cared about to that place. It's not about lowering the bar for a certain group of people. There are many successful Black families with smart children and in todays world you either stay in the race or you fall back. We cannot continue to dumb down Chicago. Enough is enough.