Mayor gives TIF cash to faster downtown bus

02/22/2012 10:00 PM


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A downtown express bus that would have dedicated lanes and special traffic signal privileges got a boost from Mayor Rahm Emanuelís administration last week, with $7.3 million in TIF cash.

The plan calls for a zig-zagging bus route that would wind from Union Station in the West Loop through the Loop and Streeterville to Navy Pier. The idea is to move people more efficiently through downtown, creating a better system than the existing buses and trolleys by letting them move faster.

The $7.3 million would complement $24.6 million thatís already been designated for the project by the federal government, according to a story from WBEZ-FM.

In October, Emanuelís administration said the project would also be paid for with cash from the $2 downtown parking congestion tax.

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