Knock down the liquor store

11/14/2012 10:00 PM

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It looks like the city is taking a good hard look at Adams Food & Liquor on Western Avenue — and they’re getting an eyeful.

Good. That store is a horrible blight not only on Western Avenue, but the neighborhood as a whole. That stretch is the physical embodiment of the near West Side. Nice housing developments, schools and thriving minority-owned businesses that are a benefit to the community, marred by a few bad apples that are a holdover from the neighborhood’s rougher days.

Adams, though, is egregious. The crusty, run-down liquor store does itself no favors with its crummy condition, attracting a sketchier clientele based on its condition alone. Outside, day in and day out, people constantly loiter in front of the store selling loose cigarettes, at best.

Crime persistently plagues the area in front of the store, as gangs battle in front of the area. Three people were shot last weekend. One man was stabbed to death there in March.

So if the city cracks down on the liquor store, owner Ahmad Keshta says he’ll just shut it down and demolish the building.

Let us be the first to say: That would be fantastic.

Please, Mr. Keshta, go right ahead. The neighborhood would be all the better for it. A vacant lot would be significantly better than your run-down building. And we bet someone would build something there before too long, if the strip keeps improving.Knocking down Adams would be the best thing to happen on Western since Pete’s started construction.

So we’ll be watching carefully. And we urge neighbors to keep up the pressure on this miserable excuse for a local business. If you see trouble, or anything that remotely looks like trouble, call the police.

In the meantime, who wants to move in on Western? We know a prime piece of property.

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By Martin Diversey from Near West Side
Posted: 11/19/2012 11:17 PM

Thank you, Chicago Journal, for bringing this issue to the greater public's consciousness. Every word in this editorial captures the feelings of the neighborhood as a whole. Please keep it up.

By Mike from West Haven
Posted: 11/15/2012 3:22 PM

This editorial is a thing of beauty. Could not have said it any better.