Juicy clarifications on Meatless Mondays

Letter to the editor

05/02/2012 10:00 PM

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It was great to read Bonnie McGrath’s coverage of our Meatless Mondays in May (MMM!) community campaign. She is right — it is a campaign to raise awareness about the environmental benefits of eating less meat. Most of us don’t know that eating less meat ranks in the top 3 things we can do to help mitigate climate change; it’s better for the environment than green habits most of us already have, like recycling. Author Michael Pollan says that if all Americans went meatless once a week it “would be the equivalent of taking 20 million mid-size sedans off the road.”

We hope readers are inspired to follow her suggestion: to explore meatless options either at home or at participating restaurants on those four Mondays in May. (Participating restaurants are not taking meat items off their menus — just highlighting their no-meat options.) We figure it’s always easier to try new things with pals.

That said, some corrections are in order.

Although I love the alliteration of adding my name to the campaign’s (MMMM!) it is not my campaign. Like all Alliance projects (including the Ferd Kramer Memorial Garden and the greener awards program), the campaign is the result of a great community effort.

Hackney’s has not signed on as a participating restaurant, although they do have a number of very tasty meatless items, like most restaurants in the South Loop.

Finally, the Alliance recognizes there are many health benefits to eating less meat, but this campaign is not about that. It is just about making a difference when it comes to the environment, because that’s what the Alliance is all about.

Gail Merritt
Cofounder, Alliance for a Greener South Loop

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